A Change in Career – Should You Do It?

Whether or not you should attempt a change of career relies on a number of factors. First, consider how happy you are with your current career. If you feel that you’re not where you want to be at your job, is you are constantly feeling stressed, or if your pay is below what you desire for the amount of work you do, it is probably time to seriously consider a change of careers. Studies have shown that people who are happy with their jobs suffer less stress, anxiety, and depression than those who are constantly fretting about their work life. This means that if you are unhappy with your career, your quality of life is probably much lower than it could be, and you even run the risk of becoming sick. If your unhappiness with your job is ongoing and growing worse every day, it is definitely time for you to actively consider a change of career.

Make a list of things you like about your current job and then try to find a career that embodies those things. Likewise, make a list of your top complaints at your current job and then avoid falling into the same pitfalls when you are seeking out a change of career. Use social networking sites to find others in your area with your dream job and see if they would be willing to answer questions for you. Once you have made active plans to switch careers, network in  as many ways as you can- get the word out to friends, family, church members, et cetera, that you are considering a new job. Be mindful of not doing too much networking before you have left your old job, and never leave your current job without having a serious plan in place for seeking out your change of career.

Furthermore, the most important thing you can do is set realistic goals for yourself. If you need more schooling, consider the financial strain this may take on you and your family. If it is worth it, go for it! If not, try a different route. Know what your skills are and expand them, but do not get stuck in a rut of going from career to career in the same job field. Always make sure that the move you are making is a vertical one and not a lateral one, and that advice is not referring to your paycheck only. Be sure that the grass really is greener, that you will have more contentment and happiness in a new career, before you switch.

Finally, remember that career changes do not always happen with the flip of a switch. Sometimes they take months or years to complete, and you must be patient and have a plan outlined. You might lose money right away as you are switching careers. Do not be discouraged – keep on track and work towards an ultimate goal of being happy with your job. A change of career could be just what the doctor ordered!